Point APoint A is a consulting group that specializes in blockchain and cryptocurrency.
We provide various services to our clients to simplify complicated situations,
and help them make better decisions, which in turn allow the resources such
as time and money to be utilized more efficiently.

Point A works in many countries, including Singapore, Malta, and Switzerland,
and have abundant experience in cooperating with companies that have
issued cryptocurrencies.

  • Business Model Design
    Business Model Design

  • Wallet Solution
    Coin/Token Issuance and Contract Distribution
    Coin/Token Storage
    Coin/Token Airdrop and Distribution

  • Brand Management
    Risk Management


  • ICO & IEO Management and Result Analysis
    Domestic and International Market Entry Strategy
    Listing Preparation

  • Initial Management and Response Manual after First Listing
    Management and Advisory regarding the Flow of the Funds
    Building Strategic Partnerships
    Investment Promotion and Consultation
    Medi Promotion for each Exchanges Listed
    Event Support

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